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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2020, Transform Nations is an online service that helps you find your ideal life coach, career coach, or business coach. Transform Nations’ large and comprehensive directory of professional coaches includes hundreds of independent coaches across the GCC and many other Middle Eastern countries. Our personalized matching system quickly and effectively matches clients with their ideal coach based on their unique goals, personality, and background.

Transform Nations founded by two reputable coaches and senior leaders with massive experience in leadership in the market

Research in positive psychology (i.e. the science of happiness) suggests that there are many ways to increase your well-being - such as meditating, helping others, eating well, regular exercise, and showing gratitude - and life coaching is a proven method for encouraging the right actions in all aspects of your life. In short, life coaching is a tool for well-being. And our mission is to make that tool available to the masses.

If you would like to contact us to learn more about our mission, our team, or our website, feel free to email us at info@transformnations.ae


How Do We Choose the Right Coach for You?

We have a personalized system that enables us to choose the right coach for all our clients based on their personality, background, and unique goals. For you to change your life, you need the right coach that will help achieve a positive transformation.

We use psychology to improve your well-being. According to positive psychology, there are many ways you can increase/improve your well-being. Acts such as; eating well, helping others, exercising regularly, meditating, manifesting, and showing gratitude; help you grow your well-being. We realized the best tool to help you achieve a happy life is life coaching, and that is why we want to make that tool available to masses across the globe.

Choose The Right Path

Refuse to settle for less if you can settle for greatness and break all the limitations that hinder you from achieving excellence and unveiling the best version of yourself with the right coaches.

If your career isn’t taking off as you want, then we can help you skyrocket your career with our executive career coaching services. If you’re a boss in the corporate world and need to enhance your company, then a corporate coach will help you achieve greatness.


Why Transform Nations?

We know thousands of coaches advertise their services, and whenever you search for a life coach online, you get dozens of adverts on the results. We understand how daunting this can be. For that reason, we decided to build a home of experienced and highly skilled coaches across the globe to ease the process of finding that life coach you're looking for.

We have also been in your position before, trying to find the right career coach or business coach to help us in our journeys. While search engines offer you the chance to choose who to work with, accountability might not be guaranteed.

Under Transform Nations, you can quickly get the right coach because we provide you with resources to help you choose your ideal coach if you don't want us to help you with the process. Get a feel of our expert’s experience as they share their experience and knowledge in different subjects. You can also access courses that will help you with your transformation journey, individual and corporate training, and if you have any questions, then the FAQ section will be of great help.


Our Mission

Create a strong coaching community that includes highly experienced and skilled coaches under one roof to improve people lives. The ultimate goal of Transform Nations is to increase global well-being. We want you to thrive and live a meaningful, engaging, and joyful life. And we believe that life coaching is the best tool to make that happen.

Our Vision

Transform Nations is a highly standard and digitally enabled coaching community empowered by highly experienced coaches

Our Team


Wissam Mattout

Co Founder.

Wissam is an entrepreneur and successful leader. His purpose is to transform people to strong and agile leadership. He started his career in IT and successfully achieved top management in multinational companies leading a tribe of more than 1,500 leaders across different countries. Wissam is a believer that challenges are always resolvable and with each challenge at least one opportunity rises. His motto is “Don’t wait for Opportunities, Create it”.

Wissam has a proven record of success in coaching, managing and development teams in the design, redesign, and launch of leading-edge business solutions. Excel at analysing data, negotiating contracts, leading multi-million revenue and growth initiatives, running overall business operations, defining the operations roadmap, building IT infrastructure, and delivering training to users. Possess solid management skills and ability to analyse issues, devise continuous process improvements, and incorporate initiatives to increase efficiency and streamline operations with minimal resources



Co Founder.

Hiba is an NLP Specialist and Transformational Life Coach. She's a professionally certified coach as per the standards of the NLP Coach Federation. In her practice, she trains both individuals and facilitates group sessions. She uses a blend of coaching, NLP, emotional freedom techniques, hypnosis, mindfulness, and timeline therapy.

In her training, she successfully guides individuals to initiate growth and great achievement in personal and professional capacities. She has worked with individuals, salespeople, and entrepreneurs to help them with their attitude, image, identity, and beliefs using the tools of NLP.